Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turnt Up (Freestyle)

[Lupe Fiasco]
Microphone check, I make em all bounce
Every teller in Bank of America, make em all count
You gone need the whole staff to add up the amount...
It's gonna take to pay me off to keep me out your house
To keep me in my zone so that I don't zone out
I'm Rich and Po' like Zone 4, thoughts is deep like Tone Loc
Walk with me like old folk, cross your street a score's goal'ed
I don't rap, I hockey rink... cause my flow is so cold

I am on my "mmhmm," they are on they "Oh, No!"
I am really in here (hair), they ain't real like Soul Glo
Don't you know I'm so sho, them n****'s got no Glow
Find a master 'fore you can come back into the dojo

Lupe got his mind right, n**** this is my mic
And I've come to take it all back like Miller High Life
He must not be tied tight...back against the wall...
He will throw a ball, like he playin' Jai Alai

I'll do the register, you just get them fries right
I don't trust America, after watchin' Zeitgeist
Take a look at my stripes, chest looks like a tiger arm
and I'm hot as tiger balm, fire like a five-alarm
And it's set to Tire Barn, Get ya fire-fighter on....

I ain't worried 'bout you hoes (hose), I don't even need the rope
I turn down your ex like how you put your tires on
Once I get these tires on, I buy a bomb and tie it on
And ride this around the entire song, find a line to drive it on
Park it near a metaphor, wait for it, the timer's on
You can turn your hydrants on, I'll just turn my wipers on
Wipe it off then wipe me down but don't forget about my bomb!


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  2. instead of "umm hmm," its "mhmm"

  3. what does he mean in the line
    "i turn down your X like how you put your tires on"
    like i get what the metaphor means but whats "turn down your X" mean?

  4. x=ex(girlfriend)

    and you know the tool u use to put tires on your looks like an X

    and if you put tires on your car...the move you make to do that is like the movement you make when you push someone away...

    I don't know if that explanation was entirely right but that's how I understand it

  5. yeah i got the second part
    i just didnt know if he meant ex girlfriend or what

  6. @datkid1220 yea,i felt it had something to do with a bonfire. but it sounds like he says "and to set the tire bomb"??? or "tire bon" idk..i can't tell lol.

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  8. @datkid1220 he IS a fuckin genius!!! lol..but it seems like he says tire and not fire. idk..maybe im just hearing wrong, lol.

  9. I'm hearing "And it's set onto ya barn"... you know how in the old movies, a small spark would set the entire barn on fire?

  10. ^^so after talking to Mr. Genius, we believe something having to do with a barn makes sense (in case u don't kno: Chicago fire...O'Leary's barn fire...). i now hear 'and to set the entire barn'

  11. For the record... I think he says "And it's set upon ya barn" lol

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  13. ^^I agree with datkid1220

    I'm also hearing something like "and it sets entire barn"

  14. Yeah, I hear it as well. It's either "And it's sent onto ya barn" or "and it's set entire barn"

  15. what does "'cross your street a score's goal'ed" mean?

  16. ^^"cross your street a score's goal'ed"

    street hockey like that scene in Wayne's world. It sets up the next line "I don't rap I hockey rink, cause my flow is so cold"

  17. "Don't you know I'm so (Sho), them n****'s got no Glow
    Find a master 'fore you can come back into the dojo"

    He's referring to the movie The Last Dragon. (Sho)Nuff' was the bad guy who lost to Bruce Leroy only cuz he had the Glow. Then the martial arts theme carries on in the next line.

  18. The line is "Fire like a five-alarm, and it's set to TIRE BARN" aka the Tire store, as in the fire would be bad

  19. I don't trust America, after watchin' Zeitgeist

  20. Zeitgeist is a conspiracy movie about America and questions the Christian faith, 9/11, and how the Federal Reserve basically runs the nation.

  21. I'm pretty sure he says "thoughts is deep like tone low" not tone loc
    also, what's jai alai?

  22. No, it's Tone Loc. he was a rapper known for his deep voice; hence 'thoughts is deep like Tone Loc.' Jai alai is a sport: (courtesy, LupE.N.D. blog)

  23. did anyone notice the relationship in the first line "Microphone check, i make em all bouce" as a reference to checks bouncing...which would go along with the bank of america lines in the following lines

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  25. That whole last part is a whole, bomb onto your car visual/metaphor. Pretty got damn dope actually.

    Turn down your X
    Tire Bon
    Parking Meter Metaphor
    Fire Fighter on
    I ain't worried bout you hose/hoes


  26. ^@half parking meter metaphor?

  27. i" ain't worried about you hoes (hose), i don't even need the *rope" the more i listen to it, thats what i get from the line eventhough lupe refers "to roll." it reminds me of boondock saints in one of the scenes. here's what i mean

  28. He's talking about the drug extacy (x) as well as a women, because most celebrities mess with the same women."I aint worried bout you hoes" When you are on a bean/ x pill it's called rollin. He uses that when reffering to both the drug and the women saying he pushes them both away like he doesnt need them. when you changin a tire you have to push it on the car once you jack it up. this nigga is dope i had 2 really break down on this 1

  29. "I turn down your ex like how you put your tires on"

    if you look at a car jack, it looks like the letter "X" with the top and bottom inverted -- an upside down V sitting on top of a regular V

  30. Damn it's refreshing to see people dissect Lupe like's about damn time. The man is fucking incredible.

  31. Turn down your "x" is talking about Fire extinguisher.

  32. referring to the line "I ain't worried 'bout you hoes (hose), I don't even need the rope" it is actually "I ain't worried 'bout you hoes (hose), I don't even need to roll"

    i aint worried bout you (hose), so that means that he is saying that he is like on fire which sets it up for the next line of "i dont even need to roll." remember the saying of stop, drop, and roll when you are on fire to put it out, well lupe is referring to that saying.

    lupe knows he is on fire and cannot be stopped (hose and roll) haha

  33. Or X as in Exhibit, when he had the Pimp My Ride thing.

  34. Im Rich and Po like Zone 4, thoughts is deep like Tone Loc

    this is a double meaning Zone 4 is a record label founded by Polow Da Don and Rich and it also refers to a transport zonal system in london that rich and poor people use

    Ton Loc - rap artist that was considered to put deep thinking in is music

  35. I ain't worried 'bout you hoes (hose), I don't even need to roll, Ill turn down your ex like how you put your tires on

    That is what Lupe says in that line but there is a million different explanations. I will give you the real deal.

    "I aint worried bout you hoes" is obviously referring to females and a fire hose. Next he goes on to say "I dont even need to roll". A fire hose rolls, plus lupe is also helping to bring in his next subject which is Ecstasy. He doesnt need to roll which is another term for the high while your on ex. "I'll turn down your ex" right here lupe is saying he will turn down your x-girl and the Ecstasy. "like how you put your tires on" you put your tires on with a tire iron which is shaped like an x and is turned in a downward motion.

    Isn't it just amazing how he touched so many things in just one bar. Simply amazing!