Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yoga Flame (Fireman Freestyle)

[Lupe Fiasco]
I call this one Yoga...Flame

Uh, meditate
On the floor, fold your legs, resonate
Breathing speed, regulate
Clear my mind till it levitate
Dhalsim, I beat the game,
Level 8, Hella good
Never great cause God is great
So ain’t no goats, ain’t no gates
Fences see the rams ram, lambs let, sheep’s skate

Brace yourself, teeth straight
Fix your face for Pete’s sake
Birthday wordplay, piece of cake
4 door flow with seats for eight
Ororo Munroe make it rain
Not with bills, I make it change

Take that cool shit, make it lame
Take that nerd shit, make it bang
Yeah, you heard us make it bang
Yeah, you heard me make it bang
Melt the change and make a ring
Take that ring and make a bracelet
Take that bracelet make a chain
Look how far my necklace hang
Connect that chain up to a crane

Pull the game up by the brains
Could not move it just with brains
So I had to use some bling
Shouts to Drizzy, shout to Wayne
Yeezy, Jeezy, Ricky, Fifty, Raekwon, Loso, Gucci Mane
I’m not going to drop my name
Sneak that message to the masses, you can call me Chocolate Rain
You might think my wallet drained
Look how far my pockets hang

That’s cause I got pocket change
My net worth is basketball
They net worth is soccer games
Tell them ni***s stop it mane (in May)
But they cannot stop it mane (in May)

So, they forced to watch it drain
They be looking so blue like water when I wash my jeans
King without the whoppers and, King without the pauper
and King and I ain’t got no drains (dreams)
Bruce Lee, dishwasher
Cleaning out your pots and pans
These ni***s ain’t got no stain
Power once I hit them with the powder
Then throw em’ in the shower
These ni**a slower than some dial-up
I be on my broadband
These ni***s still downloadin’
Lu finished, you still up on YouSendIt, uShare, zShare
How long you going to be there?
Damn… for you fam
Information super highway
These n****s ain’t got no lane
But you can ride my shoulder
Like they pulled you over
I sit in the driver’s seat
You sit on the sofa
I am Patrick Swayze
You are Whoopi Goldberg
Cause he was a beast and the way that he controlled her
Rest in peace to Patrick
Rest in Peace to Stacks, kid
Rest in Peace to Rap, no, rest in peace to wackness

Yeah, n***a, I whacked it
Baby boy with the glasses
Tears like a black rap Zach Galifianakis
Hangover, game over, n***a that’s it!


  1. On Yoga Flame, instead of:

    Y'all seen me beat the game

    I think it's:

    Dhalsim, I beat the game.

  2. "They net worth is soccer games
    Tell them ni***s stop it mane"

    I think it could also work as
    "Tell them ni***s stop it mane (in May)"

    May is when when the football (soccer) season ends here in Europe.

  3. i believe it's
    "he is like a black zach galifianakis"

  4. the chocolate rain line is fire, youtube chocolate rain n ull undersTAND

  5. He fuckin went in on this beat

  6. Instead of "Brace yourself keep straight"
    I think its "Brace yourself teeth straight" as in braces which fits with the next line "fix your face"

  7. @ Chris I think the line is a shot at Wayne so "tears" would make sense

  8. @Chris & Anonymous that was DEFINITELY a shot at Wayne (the "black" reference in the same line made it noticeable)

  9. not saying you guys are wrong, but how is it a shot at Wayne? What am i missing?

  10. what is the extended metaphor in this song?
    i keep hearing there is one but i cant hear it

  11. @Billy The Whoopi Goldberg line was a reference to the "glowing" similarity between Wayne and Whoopi lol.

    Also, the "tear" line was a reference to the black tears that Wayne has tattooed on his face for supposedly killing a person.

  12. Lu took so many shots in this joint LOL!! I love it!

  13. I still dont get the chocolate rain line can somebody explain it...

  14. "Tears like a black rap Zach Galifianakis
    Hangover, game over, n***a that’s it!"

    --Def a shot at Lil Wayne...Tears refer to Lil Wayne and Zach Galifianakis is that dude from Hangover and is known as a one-liner comedian kinda like how Wayne is a one-liner/punch-line rapper. A diss that prob no-one will ever be able to figure out...LUPE!!

  15. He says "baby boy with glasses" just to make sure no one misses the point that hes going at waynes head without cursing or being disrepectful.... And the one liner thing is super clever. Lupe is better than everyone

  16. Anyone know what he says after "King without the whopper..."? King without the...? i don't think it's 'cobbler', but i can't make out what he says...

  17. i thought the "baby boy with glasses" was referring to himself cause he often wears glasses

  18. also, that whole last part is referring to the hangover. when he says

    Yeah, n***a, I whacked it
    Baby boy with the glasses

    remember in the hangover the baby that Zach Galifianakis carried around was always wearing sunglasses, and also at breakfast the next morning, he was messing around with the baby and making it "wack off"

  19. lol lupe lives you figured it out so maybe someone else will :-P

  20. king with out the pauper

  21. someone explain the basketball and soccer lines please

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  23. I think that "A row row marrow make it rain" should be "Ororo my role (or roll)", as in Ororo/Storm from the X-Men.

  24. i think its because basketball players get payed way more than soccer players because he says net worth

  25. the chocolate rain reference is because in the youtube video chocolate rain its a catchy song with a message in it just search it on youtube


    check out that bull. No wonder people think rap is bad, they twist peoples words around. Some people are too ignorant to actually see what he was really saying. lol.

  27. combined points in basketball games can go up into the two hundreds. combined points in soccer games rarely go past eight.

  28. on the Ororo line i think its Ororo Munroe (my roll) referring to her last name....... pretty late input but its a suggestion...

  29. i think with the basketball and soccer line he's saying his net worth in hip-hop is double or triple compared to other rappers...cuz in bball, baskets (net) are worth 2 or 3 and in soccer a goal (net) is only worth 1.

  30. Yea I agree the Ororo line is Ororo Munroe

  31. Why would Lu diss Wayne if he says:

    "Shouts to Drizzy, shout to Wayne
    Yeezy, Jeezy, Ricky, Fifty, Raekwon, Loso, Gucci Mane"

  32. ^Yeah, why would he throw shout outs to em?
    that wud be pussy if he dissed em and praised him.

  33. Yeah, I think it's "here" or "he's like a black rap......" it makes more sense with the whole hangover reference, i don't see the major shot at wayne, i think ppl are just a little too eager on that one

  34. well @intelcookies he wasnt really giving shouts out to them
    he was just talkin about mtv's list, and talkin about from their perspective how they gave shoutouts to all of them, but not lupe
    which leads to "i'm not going to shout my name"
    hope that helps

  35. imho Lupe is too intelligent to start a diss, that's not like him, unless someone attacks him. Lu was like a solar flame shining down on ice-cream till it melts ;-)

  36. did anyone mention that wayne's dad is baby... "baby boy"

  37. Lupe killed this track & as a DBZ fan i would love for him to spit some Dragon Ball Z lines,, i dnt think he ever has? that would be super,,, im just sayin

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  39. @datkid1220

    never herd that freestyle.....
    thanx for the heads up...

  40. 2 things i noticed. i also think "its stop in may but they cannot stop in may they are forced to watch it drain" as in they took it to far. They should have stopped when they were ahead but now its over the season(whack rap, soccer season, spring) is over and they are gonna watch it dry up. Also a line i just got when he says all the names at the end of that line he says "i'm not gonna drop my name" which has works on two levels. One is obvious that he doesn't care whatever hes not on the list he not gonna say his name. But, i think the real meaning is like "Dumb it Down" hes not going to lower his standards(drop his name)and it goes perfectly into his next line when he says im gonna sneak it to the masses just like chocolate rain.

  41. on the line when Lupe says: "Fix your face For Pete's Sake" I believe he's referring to the level on Earthworm Jim called "For Pete's Sake" where you have to guide his dog threw the level without getting it hit or it morphs into a monster... which goes back to the line before that when he tells you to "Brace yourself"

  42. Also you guys forgot to mention that Jay is the ONLY one from the top ten list that he didnt mention which would basically be saying he feels like jay is the only one that is better than him and the only one that deserves to be on the list

  43. Bruce Lee line, anyone? Thanks

  44. Yea, Lu didnt say Jay Z's name when he was 'giving the shouts' ...why would he shout to everyone but not shout to the #1 guy on the list...its cause he only feels Jay. I think Lupe thinks that Jay was the only deserving person on that list. And also, I think Lupe doesnt hate anyone on that list at all, he just thinks hes better than..

  45. I think its King and I ain't got no Dreams, not drains

  46. Can someone fully explain how he disses Wayne in this song please. I still don't understand.
    And the ain't no gates part. I get why he says ain't no goats, but gates?
    Someone please explain, thanks!

  47. ^^^
    he said only God is great, so aint no G.O.A.T.'s (greatest of all time), aint no G.A.T.E.S. (something about a church of misery look it up for details)

  48. someone explain the bruce lee line

  49. can someone explain the "fences see rams ram, lambs let, sheep's skate" line?

    @Mr. Genius
    and yes, just google "whoopi goldberg look alike lil wayne" to see the evidence.

    and inho, i think it should be stain (stayin') power..


  50. *imho

    **stain (stayin') / Power


  51. @Bshrop and Anonymous

    Bruce Lee started as a dishwasher, before going to college.


  52. "They net worth is soccer games"
    yo maybe-- they net worth is soccer(sucker) games

  53. It's definitely "HE IS like a black rap Zach Galifinakis" referring to how he "wacked it" like Zach made the baby do in the movie

  54. My net worth is basketball
    They net worth is soccer games... how big is the net in basketball comapred to soccer nets

  55. lol @slight

    i dont think that's what he's talking about.

  56. he talkin bout how much the scores are in comparison
    i think "they "not worth" a soccer game"
    soccer is a very boring sport
    he iz sayin all these other weak rappers are boring to him..

  57. @slight.

    according to your logic, that would mean he's saying is net worth is less... why would he say that?

  58. his net worth is basketball, look at how much money niggas in the nba get in america, and look at how much people don't give a fuck about soccer. and all the chain shit is talking about how all those rappers are focused on bling, so he had to pull the game by the brains, and they couldn't move it with just brains, so he is, cause he doesn't care about bling... this is the greatest song i have ever heard in myu life