Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lupe Fiasco: Resurrection (feat. Kenna)

Like a phoenix, from its ashes, we will rise
Follow angels, into heavens, we will rise
Nothing's gonna take you down, we are everlasting now
We are everlasting now (now)

[Chorus: Lupe Fiasco]
Now I've been shaking, but I'm not broken, I won't be breaking, anytime
I have fallen but I'm not ruined, I keep on movin' into my, resurrection (my resurrection)

[Verse #1: Lupe Fiasco]
Urgency emergencies among us
Life is in a crisis, tragedies upon us
And we won't leave you stranded, rapidly we cometh
To take you out the darkness, show you where the sun is
Cries from the rubble are the voices this is sung with
And those that have stopped singing, we can still hear you under it
Right up out your worrying, right into the wondrous,
Right up off the ground, right to where the thunder is
And it's where your sisters and your mothers and your brothers is,
Aunties and your friends and your fathers and your husbands is,
Watchin' with the rest of the world in astonishment
Live from up above, us via news coverages
Seeing even more than the misery that happens is the love,
the strength, the history, the passion,

The courage of an impoverished, people that the world once abandoned,
shining, infinite, everlastin'...

[Chorus: Lupe Fiasco]
Now I've been shaken, but I'm not broken I won't be breaking, anytime
I have fallen but I'm not ruined, I keep on movin' into my, resurrection (my resurrection)

[Lupe Fiasco]
And we pray, we pray every prayer we know...

We will rise up, we will rise up, we will rise up...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

EOTS Review Part 2

I know you’ve waited and waited. However, while Lupe climbed a mountain I finished finals, celebrated the holidays, and got ready for graduation. Besides, MOST of the mix tape review was in Part 1. So where did we leave off? Ahhh that’s right……

”Yoga Flame.” Naturally, we’d discuss “Angels” next. However there is an excellent review of it here. I believe that young gentleman did the song absolute justice.

So after “Yoga Flame” the mix tape definitely took a turn. Lupe’s more laid back, down-to-earth tempo kicks in. I remember putting my headphones on after midnight when the tape dropped and BUGGING OUT at the first couple of songs.

I ran around the den screaming, “HE’S GOING IN!!! OMG, HE’S GIVING IT TO THEM!” I was home for Thanksgiving break and my half-asleep parental units were looking at me like I’d just lost my mind. Yet, around “Angels”, I took a seat in the sofa and cruised the rest of the lyrics….no crazy necessary.

So Ghetto

This song is the perfect example of what I call the “Fiasco Play-a-Round Flow.” This is one of Lupe’s attributes that I love most. He is excellent at staying on topic for songs in which such a characteristic is necessary. In the mix tape he has much tape to stray from the conscious track (although he doesn’t stray far.) He does this in many verses.


Uh, yeah, this one's for Chilly Chill, Food and Liquor flow//
Strong like it's been distilled by//
Hillbillies in the hills and we move down to Beverly//
So heavenly, waking n****s up like revelry//
We won't be going back to you regularly, so forget it//
Shadow flow, call up Punxsutawney Phillips//
My mind's on dope, my brain's on skillets//

Thoroughly trained to just bang off lyrics//

Bang bang bang like Pops Wayans,
Witherspoon (with a spoon) or with a fork,
Was coming out my egg like Mork, deserves his own head on Rushmore

Lu just used so many off the wall analogies; I don’t even know where to begin. So of course he shouts Chill out, as he does with every track. He even reminds us that his “flow” is still strong, hence the distilled/liquor simile.

He even lets you know that he’s still the “noisemaker” (revelry) of the industry. Now when he starts bringing in random things like Punxsutawney Phillips and Pops Wayans, you realize he’s in that “play-a-round” flow.

Here’s where the beauty of such a flow is. Because most listeners probably hear references and dismiss it they don’t understand how BEAST certain lines are. Punxsutawney Phillips is the most notorious groundhog used for Groundhog Day.

What determines the weather for the rest of the winter? Shadow? Shadow-flow? Beast. Then he’ll throw in something that’s more common knowledge like Pop Wayans notorious “bang, bang, bang”.

People don’t realize how well read and versatile Mr. Fiasco is sometimes. To fuse two COMPLETELY different aspects of life in one verse for simple analogies is genius. Half of his listeners aren’t even at the age where they’ll remember Mork and Robin Williams. Where does he come up with this stuff?

“I am on point like the eating side of forks//
So keep your head down like your reflection in a spoon//”

He HAD to be eating when he thought that up. Lol, I’m just saying. Dope.

Say Something Freestyle

I’m not going to break this track down by lyric because there’s SOOOO much to decipher. He definitely had something to say. However, I can see tons of connections with “The Cool” album. These lyrics could be reproduced on a new beat for “Lasers” and I wouldn’t have one issue with it. All the typical Fiasco elements are here:

1) Chi-Town Repping

2) Popular Reference

3) SERIOUS Wordplay

4) Connections to previous albums/tracks

The most vivid element was towards the end of the song with the food references. Much like “Gotta Eat” from The Cool album, Lupe GOES IN on the food metaphor. Weaker emcees, Media, and even other states are getting “fried” in those last couple of bars.

We’ve just covered the more “technical”/imagined elements of Mr. Fiasco’s flow. You know I’m always down for a hefty conclusion filled with tons of crafty metaphor for my favorite emcee. However, good things come to those who wait. Part 3? Sooner than Part 2? Lol,

Indeed. As Lu would say, “We’ve only got 3 more tracks to go…No More LupEND.”


PS - If you're that hungry for a dope review, here's a snippet of the ODU one:

"While in the stadium indulge in your more "positive" surroundings. Fine tune your ears, feel the bass in your heart, and open your eyes and take a look around you. Watch Fiasco get on one knee and spit the first verse of "Sunshine" to the most insecure girl in the crowd. Witness him pass his beloved mic to the 12-year-old up front who knows every song verbatim. Listen to your favorite emcee tell you how much he loves and appreciates you for what you've done for him; with tears in his eyes and a frog in his throat. Now step outside the stadium; observe the "now" elevated minds banter excitedly in Lasers and Trilly & Trully shirts; consciousness on their tongues. Walk home to your hood; look out for the boys who were destined to be gang bangers and drug dealers, hop on skateboards and throw up the CRS sign. Let the images reoccur in your mind, let that tingling feeling spread from the tip of your fingers to your crown, and most importantly"

You can read the rest here....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lupe Fiasco: I'm Beamin

Today, nobody cares
But tomorrow they will, they will
Today, nobody cares
But, oh, tomorrow they will, they will

They said my future was dark
You see me now?
Just look around
I’m beamin’

(We are) They used to talk
When I wasn’t around (Lasers)
You see me now (We’re not)
(Losers) I’m beamin’

[Verse #1: Lupe Fiasco]
I get my energy from my inner G
I be in outer space, but I got inner peace
So tell my enemies that they can’t injure me
I know that irritates, you have my sympathies
Well, you should protest, yeah, you should picket me
I’m on a losing strike, I’m on a winning streak
I’m out in left field, I’m speaking mentally
But that’s a better places than where the benches be
I’m feelin’ really good, me and my different beat
Me and my different drummer, he play the timpanis
See, that’s what got me here, you hearin’ me
Me on my "black man in the future" shit, call me Billy Dee
See, I’m just forward-looking, that’s how I really see
See, while you Valentimes, I’m thinking Christmas trees
And that’s how this would be, even at Mickey D’s
Semicolon, close parentheses

They said my future was dark
You see me now?
Just look around
I’m beamin’

They used to talk
When I wasn’t around
You see me now
I’m beamin’

[Verse #2: Lupe Fiasco]
Do you remember me, the guy from verse one?
Failure’s my last name, Never’s my first one
You see I hood a lot, and yeah I nerd some
Hood’s where the heart is, nerd’s where the words from
Don’t represent either, because I merged them
It's kids who wanna leave, and I encourage them
Go out and see the world, never return from
Yeah, you don’t come back, unless you learn some
And baby girl, what does it matter where your purse from?
Your hurr done, your nails did, your ass fat, but you’re dumb
Mix Melyssa Ford with Maya Angelou
Become a top model and Sojourner too
I try to follow this, what Muhammad do
It’s such a old soul inside the sonic youth
Swear I’m Ferrari’d up, and I’m conscious, too
I don’t prophesize: I promise you

They said my future was dark
You see me now?
Just look around
I’m beamin’

They used to talk
When I wasn’t around (Lasers)
You see me now (Ha)
I’m beamin’

[Verse #3: Lupe Fiasco]
Yeah, it’s me again, the guy from verse two
Well, this the last one, it’s almost curfew
It’s almost night out, so turn your lights on
Where all my 760s, witcha brights on?
Yeah, they are the ones to keep your eyes on
Like how we used to do, to keep the house warm
Now those the type of eyes, I not cry from
You see the tears of fire run out my cryin’ songs
Now the world’s shoulders is what we cryin’ on
The world’s fast lane is what I’m drivin’ on
What am I driving at? I’m tryna drive it home
I’m in the driver’s seat, but you can ride along
‘Cause never cyclops, it’s never I (eye) alone
I’m tellin’ your story wherever I perform
Now if they lookin’ for me, tell ‘em I’ve gone
Out in the bright lights, right where I belong

They said my future was dark
You see me now?
Just look around
I’m beamin’

They used to talk
When I wasn’t around
You see me now
I’m beamin’