Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lupe Fiasco: Past My Shades (Verse)


Uh, who else but Lu else?
You know I got two belts: The black and the white one
I begin and I master
I see in my eye-glasses
But they sayin' what I'm seein' through is false like Ross
I can hear 'em through the wall like walk
This way they try to dissuade my thoughts
I'm a slave to myself, don't disobey my boss
It's all in disarray, this parade I walk
They get amazed when they catch a chain I toss
Amidst disarray, a different ways, I talk
And it hangs from your brain if my chain, you caught
Like I cough without covering my mouth
I tip the scales like the King of the South
Forgot that I was phat, I lost my way
But now I'm back, looking for the shade I sought
And not wonders, Scott Summers
So don't make me take off my stunners
And Bobby Ray, you got my numbas
And dem deer can't see us like hunters