Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lupe Fiasco: Resurrection (feat. Kenna)

Like a phoenix, from its ashes, we will rise
Follow angels, into heavens, we will rise
Nothing's gonna take you down, we are everlasting now
We are everlasting now (now)

[Chorus: Lupe Fiasco]
Now I've been shaking, but I'm not broken, I won't be breaking, anytime
I have fallen but I'm not ruined, I keep on movin' into my, resurrection (my resurrection)

[Verse #1: Lupe Fiasco]
Urgency emergencies among us
Life is in a crisis, tragedies upon us
And we won't leave you stranded, rapidly we cometh
To take you out the darkness, show you where the sun is
Cries from the rubble are the voices this is sung with
And those that have stopped singing, we can still hear you under it
Right up out your worrying, right into the wondrous,
Right up off the ground, right to where the thunder is
And it's where your sisters and your mothers and your brothers is,
Aunties and your friends and your fathers and your husbands is,
Watchin' with the rest of the world in astonishment
Live from up above, us via news coverages
Seeing even more than the misery that happens is the love,
the strength, the history, the passion,

The courage of an impoverished, people that the world once abandoned,
shining, infinite, everlastin'...

[Chorus: Lupe Fiasco]
Now I've been shaken, but I'm not broken I won't be breaking, anytime
I have fallen but I'm not ruined, I keep on movin' into my, resurrection (my resurrection)

[Lupe Fiasco]
And we pray, we pray every prayer we know...

We will rise up, we will rise up, we will rise up...


  1. Powerful. Absolutely amazing.

  2. Minor correction:

    "Right about your worrying, right into the wonderess" should be,

    "Right up out your worrying, right into the wondrous"

  3. Absolutely.. Fantastic..

    That day will shortly be coming..

  4. This is the best song I've ever heard.

  5. Amazing... just a purely amazing song

  6. One of my favorite Lupe songs

  7. this is such a moving song.. lupe is the man

  8. I cant stop listening to this song

  9. Now I've been shaking..
    think it should be :
    Now I've been shaken. <<< makes more sense

    Beside dat, GREAT song.
    Thanks for the lyrics

  10. Amazing, is really beautiful... I love it

  11. this song is absolutely stunning...

  12. Amazing Lyrics !!!
    Have no words :)

  13. Yes..It's actually "Now I've been shaken".

    Very powerful song!

  14. This is an awesome song!

  15. I really have had this song on repeat for 2 days str8 there is sooo much meaning

  16. Loving the site!!!

    Become a follower of my blog; I will be sure to follow you.

    Thanks Ms T

  17. Resurrection > Stranded... IMO

  18. i wish there was some way that we could actually tell Lupe how much his music means. what he's doing is very honorable and i respect him for it. our generations has been dumbed down so much that we cant even see whats in our face. it's time to open your eyes everyone he's giving you more then just good music he's letting you know something big is coming thats not in our best intrest and we need to try to stop it.

  19. This is a best song ive ever heard. Best regards to Lupe, Kenna & producer M.Shinoda

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