Thursday, November 26, 2009

National Anthem

[Lupe Fiasco]
One, Two…
Ahh.. Naw!

[Verse #1: Lupe Fiasco]
Your attention please, your attention I need it
So I can sit you in a position from which I see it
Where I’m seated is scenic
Heavy-weighter, slim as the Machinist, so bulimic
Which means you somewhere in between it
I take it back for you like the Wild Stallions (Wyld Stallyns) of San Dimas
I’m in the market for low-mile 360 Modena's
And a good organic cleaners
My car always a winner
Your car’s always pitted
We should call it Stanley Steamers
Most of my friends in gangs
My new nickname is Ghengis Khan
But without the ‘Ye, but his last name’s my side
I ride with the demeanors (the meanest)
I’m armed to the teeth
You’re Venus and you’ve never been to the Dinas (dentist)
School of Hard Knocks, I dean it
I done it, as well as a celebrated alumnus
I donate to the campus and my name’s on the arenas
But you can’t bring it to my court
Not even with subpoenas
Cause you can’t play my sport
But you can still cheer-lead us
And you can’t sit there
That section’s for the seniors
And the sexy senoritas
So just move up to the bleachers
How you gonna school me when I grew up with your teachers
I know that you can't hear me
Cause I blew up all the speakers
And the power line is hanging
Cause I threw up all the sneakers
I ate up the imposters
And I chewed through all the pizzas
I blacked out with a black card
And I maxed out all the Visas

[Verse #2: Lupe Fiasco]
Uhh…Accreditation so prestigious
Just walk across my stage
Your life will be completed
Don’t need financial aid
Cause this is just some free shit
You been properly prepared
Throw your hats up in the air
I’m red hot, Chilly, (Red Hot Chili) I’m Anthony Kiedis
My spirit smells teenage
And Chi-town’s feelin' excellent
We hit them with the President
See we set the precedent
I don’t feel I’m best
I just feel I’m better than…

[Chorus: Thom Yorke/Radiohead]
Everyone… Everyone Around… Here
Everyone is so… near
So alone… So alone

[Verse #3: Lupe Fiasco]
See I don’t disagree
This is just a grievance
This ain’t dissin’
This is civil disobedience
How you gon’ make hip-hop
Without all the ingredients?
Lot of mouths to feed
Plus a lot of greediness
And that greed, outshines the neediness
What ni***s need is some "question they authority"
And tune out all the TV shit
And we be this
So I give ‘em more
You see I did it for…

[Chorus: Thom Yorke/Radiohead]
Everyone… Everyone is so… near
Everyone has got… the fear
So alone… So alone

[Verse #4: Lupe Fiasco]
Yeah… I am back up on the airwaves
Feelin’ like a Soldier, and I ain’t talking where the Bears play
Flair, look how I Fred Astaire (further stair) down the staircases
‘Finna be a hair-raisin’ tortoise versus hare race
So you should hang around here (hair) like some earrings
I know attention’s all about how you pair things
So when I want them to hear me out
I just sit them next to some pictures of Rosa splitting with her titties out
And what’s written on her titties is what it's really about
Then her vagina is some poor kids from China
Nipples nuclear missiles
Ass is a daughter without a dad
Back is like Afghanistan, Iraq
Health care hair
Drive by thighs
Education lips
HIV eyes
Environment feet
Justice get her so wet, brains get you brains
You can fuck her if you protest
But before you bust in her face, finish listenin’ to the tape...
Enemy of the State...


  1. Minor corrections:

    Ghengis Khan*

    'Cause I threw up all the sneakers*

  2. IT IS...Wild Stallions of San Demas. It's a reference to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey. Pleaseeeeee understand!

  3. Bill and Ted spelled it "Wyld Stallyns" so its all good.

  4. i dont get the genghis khan line?
    "my new nickname is ghingis....last names my side"
    i dont understand, anyone wanna explain?

  5. He's talkin about Kanye West. Ye's last name= West, Lupe's from the West side of Chicago.

    Idk why he goes from Genghis Khan to Kanye, though

  6. cuz he says "most of my friends in gangs, my new name is gang is con/genghis khan, but witout the yay/'ye"

    genghis khan's last name is pronounced the same way as the first syllable in kanye. so he says "but witout the ye/yay", kanye's last name is west, n lupe reps the westside of chicago to the fullet

  7. I dont get the symbolism in the last verseeeeee

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  9. It's "I ate up the imposters (pastas),
    and chewed through all the pizzas"
    get it italian food?

  10. @datkid That's EXACTLYY what I was thinking, you could tell even before this track that the up and coming were going to be in a much more commercial light, but this mixtape broke down the stereotype that goes along with it. "Just because you hear me on the radio doesn't mean I'm wack". Take when Shining Down dropped a couple of months ago, the cocky flow and auto-tune appealed to the public, because, that's all that they were hearing. You even seen some Lupe stans be like "oh he's a sellout and shit", not even listening to what he's talking about. The last verse just reinforces that. It's a whole shot at the industry, the way things are done. Food and Liquor was one of the best albums in the past decade, the cool was hot and Lupe is one of the best lyricists in the game right now, but he doesn't get any praise. The way the media portrays him is that kick push kid that rhymes about robots. I think Enemy Of The State represented the enemy of the state of hip hop, the one going against how things are usually done. He said if you won't me on the radio I'll give you things you WONT be able not to. And I won't dumb it down, I'll just make you listen. LASERS is going to be interesting to say the least.

  11. "Im flowin like the airways,
    I'm feelin like a soldier, But I aint talking bout where the bears play"

    What does that bar mean?

  12. feeling like a soilder but not were the bears play

    as in not in soilder field were the chicago bears play there home games...

  13. that last verse was sick me and my brother was listening to this song and he was like its tite but the last verse is nasty so i told him listen hes saying like he'll show you a naked picture of a naked girl but her body would be social issues and to make her horny you have to bring justice and to fuck her you have to protest but before you finish you have to listen to what he's saying
    RAW!!!!!!!!! sickest lyricist ever

  14. I cant even describe how amazed i am by this guy

  15. He actually says "Your cars always pitted" As in the racing. Thats why he says he's a winner in the line before and a organic cleaner

  16. ^^^^ I think not sure.. Can somebody let me know what he meant on the Stanly steamer line?

  17. Im for sure about this though he says "360 Modena". It's a Ferrari and he is sayin he is in the market for a low mile one

  18. Lupe reminds me of Howard Roark from Ayn Rands book "The Foutainhead." Its crazy..a dude that stands out from the rest and is making the real, quality music bt everybody wants that fake, flossed over music...dude is way ahead of his time.

  19. "your cars always pitted"
    like in nascar when the cars are out of the race inorder to gas or change tires

  20. car's always pitted.
    car, pitted, carpet.
    stanley steamers clean carpet.

  21. stanley steemers(carpet)/steamers(car)

  22. Why does he mention Anthony Kiedis and right after say "My spirit smells teenage" when they arent related

  23. ^^^

    He said

    "I'm Red Hot, Chilly, Im Anthony Kiedis"

    Anthony Kiedis is the lead singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers

    and Lupes buddy in jail is named "Chilly" so it was as if he was addressing him "Im Red Hot, Chilly".