Monday, July 26, 2010

Dope Boy

[Verse: Lupe Fiasco]
Uh, yeah,
Another day as I step out the door,
Right past the poor in clothes they can't afford,
For, this, I thank the lord,
Wish, that he'll bless me for a few more
Quick, cause working in a drought is a bitch,
Switch, a female dog with no raw(r),
Rich, is what I wanna get like gifts
But you need to blow to get ya birthday wish,
Trip, and then you never snitch,
You never tell a soul, not even a fish
Cause fish might fold, and run and tell the shrimp, ya dig?
And shrimp might run and tell the pigs
That you selling rides on the white horse right outside your crib,
Bring the batter ram where you live,
God, I really need a job, until I get it big, I be giving work to the kids
(Dope Boy, streets is calling you) x3

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