Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lupe The Gorilla

[Intro: Lupe Fiasco]
(Angel Knights)
Nah, so, so just listen
Alright so, so what you do is right
you take Lupe Fiasco, right?
you, y- okay? you take Lupe Fiasco
you know and and you take The Gorrilaz right?
You take the Fiasco - on Lupe Fiasco - you take the Fiasco off right?
And then you takethe Z off, off The Gorrilaz
You take, you take that off and you drop that
And then, like you put it together you know, put it together
You got.. Lupe The Gorrila
You know what I'm saying
You got me doing my thing, you know what I'm saying?
With the rapping and stuff I know how to do
And then you got, you got The Gorrilaz
Doing their thing over here with the beats, you know what I'm saying?
you know, I- you know I rhyme over that
Do that, do that, you know, Lupe The Gorrila
I - I thought it was dope
I was thinking it was dope
(Now Entering)
Ya know what I'm saying?
And then I was thinking like,
You could call it..
You know...

A Rhymin' Ape!

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