Thursday, November 26, 2009

So Ghetto

[Lupe Fiasco]
Uh, yeah, this one's for Chilly Chill, Food and Liquor flow,
Strong like it's been distilled by,
Hillbillies in the hills and we move down to Beverly,
So heavenly, waking n****s up like revelry,
We won't be going back to you regularly, so forget it
Shadow flow, call up Punxsutawney Phillips,
My mind's on dope, my brain's on skillets,
Thoroughly trained to just bang off lyrics,
Bang bang bang like Pops Wayans,
Witherspoon (with a spoon) or with a fork,
Was coming out my egg like Mork, deserves his own head on Rushmore

Flood the game like a giant in a dwarf's shorts,
So long n****s, career so short it should be ridin' on a horse,
Mines is a horse, but mines is the size you could sneak inside a fort (Ford),
Yours is a pony, it could sleep inside a Porsche,
I am on point like the eating side of forks,
So keep your head down like your reflection in a spoon,
Chilly Chill will be outta corrections real soon...
Enemy...god willingly...


  1. "Shadow flow, call it (????) Tony Phillips"

    Is "Shadow flow, call up Punxsutawney Phillip" - the famous groundhog in Punksutawney, Pennsylvania. It's tradition that if he comes out of his hole and sees his shadow, Winter will continue for another 6 weeks. lol.

  2. "yours is a pony you could sleep inside a porsche"
    it could sleep inside a porsche i know its small i have a little ocd

  3. what is this beat by the way?? (something by Primo i'm guessing)
    i heard Royce rhymes to this too

  4. @Chris S: oh...and it was produced by Primo, just like u guessed lol

  5. So keep your head down like your reflection in a spoon,
    Chilly Chill will be outta corrections real soon...
    how soon is real soon :O

  6. @EcraM lol yea that's what I'd like to know too :D

  7. what does he mean with "but mines is the size you can sneak inside a fort"??... the only thing i could think of is trojan war

  8. btw its not revelry. its reverie, like a dreamy state. waking n777as up like reverie. so nasty

  9. definiteyl trojan war you shouldn't even have to ask such a question lol

  10. definitely not ford/ fort double entendre. your digging on that one

  11. btw it is revelry im in the military its what we wake up to. Trojan war all the way. Throughout this whole mixtape hes alluded to the fact that hes gonna use the system against the system aka the enemy of the state. Hes gonna play it against itself. The horses lines are amazing. I mean this is a craft. This isnt lets get drunk and high and spit off the top this is lets sit down, dig, work, expand my mind and the listeners minds also. Lupe doesnt want to give you all the truth he wants to be the key to open the door.

  12. i think the line "Shadow Flow, call up Punxsutawney Phillips" could also be "Shadow flow, call up/(colder then) Punxsutawney Phillips" because if the groundhog sees his shadow it's 6 more weeks of winter/cold.

  13. when he talking about pop wayne he talking about wayan bros and batman dad I think