Thursday, November 26, 2009

Say Something (Freestyle)

Uh, we just gonna keep it goin' and goin',
until I feel completed and happy about it...You know?

Uh, Opus of a ghetto boy who grew into a project man
Brewster Place (booster plates), he used to stick his scissors in his sockets damn,
clear that Project Runway, 'cause this is where my rocket lands,
ain’t got no problems, Houston, I A.K.A. then rocket land.
Events recent that lit a fire under him like pots and pans,
rockets and I (eye) up in the sky like helicopter cams...

And you down there in the traffic jam
from here I’ve seen a bunch of fake shit like avid wrestlin' fans...
Came up from the bottom of the eye exam ZOOM
Now I’m like the biggest G off (Geoff) in the room,
still hard to see me like the truth on TV
or the roof from the sidewalk, I don’t flo' (floor), I ceiling

My mama said they need me...
'cause, I’m made from the best stuff on earth like Snapple Tea Leaves,
they glass is half full so I spit into them like Celie,
no longer G, now you can see me
but your letter's (lettuce) still under my sea (C) like seaweed
C and G but nothing bout me C-G, It’s all real, none of this is green screen...

"Shut Up and Let Me Go" just like The Ting Tings,
I’m feelin' like a Mac, standing around a bunch of PCs.
I’ve rocked it from the shouters to the soccer moms,
try to stop what’s going on...
you’ll see the back of my hand like the tops of palms,
I’m balling like the tops of pawns,
circle of influence getting bigger like the ripples on the tops of ponds.

Short-footed and War Headed like the tops of bombs,
Domino-in n****'s, delivery is Papa John's, Little Ceaser‘s, uh,
burning down your Pizza Hut...
Plaque collection building 'cause, I don’t brush my teeth enough,
yeah, Crack is wack and reefer sucks, you might think this deep as fuck
but this like my weaker stuff,
they ask “Is this his day-to-day 'cause this is like a week to us?”

Mic is shy and speakers blush, I is shy (Chi) and he is up,
I correct, me is up - no we is up - cause its like two of me
and each of us, rappin' acid, eat this up,
A-Town down, peace is up, New York to East Coast is tough,
West Side ridin', lot of n****'s salty 'cause,
'cause I be overseas and (overseasoned) tough.

Everything seamless, WorldStar never seen this,
NahRight gotta stream this, motherfuckin' genius!

Brave and fly, you backbone-less and wingless,
bunch of chickens on the strip, I’m coming for they fingers...
till what they throwin' up is meaningless...
Chilly Chill you seeing this? This didn’t make MTV’s list...

Finish fingers, eating wrist, feedin' frenzy and shit,
Succotash stuffering, Chicken-Frikasee'en this...
a beat eatin' media blitz,
pace is getting feverish, pain is growing Seaver-ish,
these the peppers Peter picked,
things are at their easiest, Real Compton city G’in it
but I’m from lights, bravooos!

*Applause*.... Yeah, I’m just playin'....Internet, check!


  1. what do the lines from "but your letters still under...nothing bout me C-G" mean?

  2. The C-G thing is a reference to CGI, computer generated imagery, hence the green screen thing

  3. Who caught this?

    Lot of N****'s salty 'cause,
    'Cause I be OVERSEASONED tough.

  4. @kash

    but ur letters (lettuce) still under my sea (C) like seaweed

    i think that means that w.e niggas is reppin these days, w.e letters they throwin up, its still under his see/C, meanin he cant see it n its not relevant to him, but their also under C (chicago) n chicago is above everythin to him. also seaweed looks like lettuce, n its found in the sea lol

  5. @HD yeah he's saying "overseas and" (overseasoned, salty)

  6. It's not brewster place it's booster plates. Booster plates are what cover the sockets..the line makes more sense that way.

  7. @Anonymous he says "Brewster place", but I'm assuming it's one of Lupe's patented double entendres. I'll add it to the lyrics tho, thanks!

  8. the brewster place line comes from a movie called sisters of brewster place where a little kid sticks scissors in an electrical socket and gets electrocuted... i'm pretty sure

  9. Brewster Place was by oprah(movie nto book) whose from chicago which is prob why he referenced it

  10. I'm pretty sure it can also be:

    "ballin like the tops of Palms"

    as in the top floor of the Palms resort casino in vegas and the top of coconut palm trees where ball-shaped coconuts hang

  11. ^^ lol no, it's the tops of pawns, as in the chess peice. SMH.

  12. ^^ lol, it's "piece", as in the actual word. SMH.

  13. the whole plaque collection building are is his awards and trophies and because he never stops spittin

  14. all i gotta say is this nigga is a straight up genius with the wordplay & everything. nobody in the game today can see him.

  15. Does anyone know what he's talking about from "clear that project runway" to "in the sky like helicopter cams"?

  16. When he says "I'm feeling like a mac, standing 'round a bunch of PC's" do you think he means that he's more 'high-tech' than other rappers? Cuz macs are usually more advanced than PCs. So he's saying that he feels like he's a lot better than all the other rappers..

  17. Not catching the Geoff reference. Some butler I'm not remembering?

  18. Ya'll catch that "Pain is growing Seaver-ish"
    He's referring to that show growing pains, cuz the family's name on that show was the Seavers.
    The dude is too ill, he shouldn't be considered a rapper, he's just on a different level.

  19. @ Anonymous asking about the Mac and PCs line: Lupe's talking about the Mac ads where Justin Long (young/cool) is a mac and John Hodgeman (old/nerdy) is a PC.

  20. @jaysscholar Geoffrey was the butler from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

  21. I think "Succotash stuffering" is actually (or also) "Succotash suffering" as in "Suffering succotash!" from the Sylvester cartoon cat.

  22. yeah and when he says " Chicken-Frikasee'en this" he is talkin about tweety bird... siik

  23. And not only are the "succotash stuffering" and "chicken frikasee'en this" lines from sylvester and tweety cartoons but they're also actual culinary dishes which ties into the whole feeding frenzy lines right before