Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Runaway: Lupe’s Revenge

[Intro: Lupe Fiasco]

[Verse #1: Lupe Fiasco]
Physically here, mentally I’m up there somewhere
And I been thinking 'bout maybe coming down and hang around on the ground some year
But this aint the one (no)
Having too much fun way up here on the Sun yo
They should really sell my CD's at the gun show
A two-disc set is like Russian Roulette
Afghanistan Kino
If you wanna win then come in my casino
Pull up in a Porsche
Pull off in a Dino
Convention on the chinching I’m delivering the keynote
Rise...and shine, too
Kiwi I can see me in reflections from my fine shoes
I write with the same techniques they use to find jewels
Mine my own mind, until I find something that rhymes cool
Then hit James on line two tell him to send a track for me to rhyme to
A setting to attach all of the shine to
A diamond mine/mind, I can never Swarovski or rhine you, POW!!!

[Chorus: Elle J]
Wanna know, wanna know, why you’re breaking even?
Wanna know, wanna know, why you’re breaking down?

[Verse #2: Lupe Fiasco]
Perfect, Big Bang flow
Spitting out uni(verses) my old metaphors went off and joined the circus
They currently on tour on the planet of the Word-smiths
You can rally round me like I'm Sturgis
But when you go back to where you came from don't tell nobody that you ever heard this
Or I might bless you with my curses (thinner)
You should change your attitude or Hannibal is having you for dinner
Cannibalistic urges eating up this nonsense regurgitating purpose (inner/in a)
World done perfect (in my)
Mind so spotless like they Spic and Span’d and mopped it
It’s just clear it don't mean that they washed it
Put it together like bolts, swing nuts and washers
We beefin’ like Big Macs and Whoppers
At each other’s throats like butterfly collars
Or Siamese twins joined at the Medulla Oblongata
In a tuxedo
Going to the opera
Diamond mine mind only C-Z about me though is my initials
Zulu - Chaka, POW!!!

[Chorus: Elle J]
Wanna know, wanna know, why you’re breaking even?
Wanna know, wanna know, why you’re breaking down?

[Verse #3: Lupe Fiasco]
You protect it, you cherish and caress it
Your precious little ethic-less method
Been tryna take me off of my perspective
But I respect it
But I still give you F's for effort
And the A's for me
Extra credit
How I deflected, all praises be
To the most higher I admire
Never will I abide by ya
Cause you're liar and you’re not my sire
Can't buy me I just ride by ya
And I won't bye-bye ya
I'll buy your lighter and set it on FIRE!


  1. I'm still not sure about the last line of the first and second verses. If you got any breakdowns or corrections, or just wanna show some love drop it a comment below.


  2. 4ziatic....I think its Zulu Chaka instead of Zula Chaka...what u think?

    Good Job with the lyrics, thanks a bunch!

  3. let me break this line down it's "Diamond mind" then he says that the only thing C-Z about him are his initials

    C-Z related to diamonds means Cubic Zirconia which is basically a fake diamond. it's pretty simple..

  4. Can someone please explain this o.o
    This is simply over my head

  5. It's "dyno" not "dino", as in the bike brand

  6. ^^ I'm pretty sure it's Dino, like the Ferrari, especially since he pronounces it like "deeno".

  7. "convention on ascension, I'm delivering the keynote" thats why he says "Rise" in the following line.

  8. @seantherobot...the only think fake about him are his initials??

    please explain more.

  9. Lupe Fiasco isn't his real name...So LF are fake initials like CZ (cubic zirconia) are fake diamonds? Maybe?

    I dunno what Zulu Chaka is...

  10. Chaka Zulu was one, if not the, most influential pre-colonial African leaders/warriors. When he say's only c-z about me, he means he's like Chaka Zulu (i.e. great african warrior), not his initials.