Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Run Down

[Intro: Tifa from WGCI Radio]
(Glass Breaks)
Just give them a little run down man, I mean it's a lot it's a lot people who hear a lot of stuff in the streets about you, just give them a little run down...

[Verse: Lupe Fiasco]
Yeah...I'm a rare form man..(haha, westside) Yeah, Madison born man
Yeah...Uh huh Gemini Up
Yeah...Uh huh Shayla G Up
Yeah...Uh huh Pro Up
Yeah...Uh huh Chilly Mac
Wah, Career crooking
Yeah, watch me Wash,
Come here Brooklyn,
Follow me Houston,
See what I'm about, really South Philly Bankhead keep looking
You feel me I'm a product of pushing that was red off whooping pull switches off trees
Pull off the leaves like she loves's hot, I couldn't Tai Shu/tie shoe
Move slow like Tai-Chi,
Down the block, come kick it with me like Kung Fu,
Where I hung like noose they call me Young Bruce
I cop Jordans pull chickens with these, please was not I to work at Popeye
Though I came with a biscuit - just tryin' to make a meal/mill
I brang in the business, flow like chuch pulpited with ease, pivot, and pull from the lines like three's
To gain a better understanding, I'm just trying to make it real/reel
Like a fisherman, Pon De River fam I Pon My Bank, deposit my thoughts
Till my mind draws a blank and I withdraw from checking
I'll leave that with yall for a second...
Give you a minute to let it sink..
Then I rise, baptize, for them dead presidents I'll tie bombs to your brakes
And burn money faster than you learn you aint even conserve money, gave you a second now I return hungry
Period young blood, I return monthly
To Bogart like Humphrey, stern, gully, seldom, stumble
Welcome to the jungle like Fern Gully
Uh man, it's gorillas here takes a village to raise a villan here
Uh yeah, and you might have to raise his bail,
Trying to free the whole cartel
I need to raise a million here a million here a million here...

1 comment:

  1. Tai Shu - Pretty sure it's "tie shoe".

    palpated - pulpitted. Goes along with "church" reference.

    mill/meal - Goes along with food reference.

    I have other suspicions but should check them out first. lol