Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's Il(Lu)miNation?

Basically, this is a site for all of the people who are interested in Lupe Fiasco's lyrics. I'm Sean and you probably already know me from the LupEND Blog.

Lately more and more people asked for a lyrics-section but instead of that I talked to a few people and we decided to create a whole new "partner blog" that goes along with the LupEND Blog. We want this to be a site where all of you can find Lupe's lyrics and also some analysis of them.

We don't want to do this all alone though...we need your help to get those lyrics together, as correct as possible (comment & correct us when u think that we're wrong with something) and we also want you to send us your analysis and breakdowns of Lupe's tracks. Maybe we'll even give some of you access to this blog so that you can directly work on it with us.

You can contact us here:

We'll start now and put up the lyrics that we already have and then we'll just see how things come along...(Props to Riva for coming up with the name for the page!)

Peace and enjoy!

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  1. I would so much appreciate it if you could post up the lyrics for the song The Coolest. Every site I go to has different lyrics and I don't know which is right or wrong. Thank you.