Thursday, November 26, 2009

Popular Demand (Freestyle)

[Lupe Fiasco]
Aw! Shout out to Push, Shout out to Malice,
Fam-Lay!! Ab Liva, Re-Up, N****a We Up!! .. G's up
Windin' down but..

It's Hirst verses and Murakami rhyming,
All my raps is superflat, all your raps is super wack,
Tell him that the future's back, DeLorean rolling down the block
You can call it shooting craps, and my roof is back
And my wings is up

Kingda Ka without kalua, so you ain't gotta pour the king a cup
Young Yakuza but, none of my fingers cut
So I can still sip Red Zinger with my pinkies up
Made man, you can call this cleaning up
I'm OCD, I never think it's clean enough
That's what defines me, I never think it's mean enough
Lines deeper than those waiting on a sneaker, cuz
You gone need two heads like the King of Clubs just to figure out the meaning of,
I'm just achieving buzz so stay out of son/sun way like you're drinkin' blood
This is what it feels like to be in love...ENEMY!

I mean come on, I mean look at what I'm droppin' here
Do this for the block and the blogosphere
No, you ain't ready for the heavy, so I'll keep it light as joggin' gear
I don't want the throne, I want the helicopter rocking chair
Jay gave me a co-sign like I was RocaWear, but be clear I'm not the air (heir)
I'm the water, fire and the earth;
That means I'm doin' dirt, spittin' flames and quenchin' thirst,
And plus the real God has been on my side since birth
I hope that he forgives me, I hope I do his work in every single verse,
Now I might do a dance, I might even jerk, tell them n****s don't hate
Only God is great, Enemy Of The State


  1. "archiving buzz" should be "achieving buzz"

    "for the blog" should be "for the block"

    "not the air" should be "not the heir"

    Thanks for posting these!

  2. i'm pretty sure the "not the air" line is a double meaning
    anyone wanna expain the yakuza line?

  3. Well, the Yakuza is or was a Japanese version of the mafia notable to be ruthless and that would explain the "Made men" line a couple down. A made man is a member of the American Italian mafia who is not an associate but just that a "made man" Thats all I got.

  4. 'King of car without kalua' is 'Kingaka without Kahlua'.

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  6. Been trying to break this one down... think it's the deepest track on the mixtape. Still having some trouble though:

    Hirst and Murakami are modern-day artists. Basically saying his raps are art. Murakami started an art-movement called "Super-Flat." The DeLorean is the 'time-machine car' from Back to the Future.
    A little confused about the next part... MAYBE he's saying 'you can call my success luck' since rolling dice (craps) is luck. not sure. Don't get the roof reference... my wings is up most likely references the DeLorean's doors, which are hinged on the hood so they flip up to look like wings.
    Kingda Ka (if this is what he’s saying?) is the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world- going along with the “my wings is up” line. Kahlua is a coffee-liquor… still trying to figure out the overall meaning here. Yakuza is the Japanese mob, and cutting off the tips of fingers, specifically the pinky, is repentance for a wrong. Made Man was explained above, but it’s also “maid man,” like a maid who cleans. The double meaning of the “Lines deeper…” line still confuses me a little haha. Maybe has something to do with his sneaker line? King of Clubs line is obvious… stay out of sun way like your drinking blood- vampires. I think he’s saying he’s basically putting out this mixtape just to keep his name out there, which is actually exactly the type of thing that he’s against… but he can’t help it because he’s in love with real hip-hop.
    Saying that we’re not ready for his heavy stuff so he’ll put out this mixtape, his “weaker stuff.” The “throne” line I think means that he doesn’t care about the glamour, he just wants to be comfortably above everyone. He talks about how Jay-Z supported him, then says the ‘real’ God supports him too. He says this because Jay-Z is AKA Jay-hova/jehova, which basically is a Hebrew translation for God. At the end he is saying he wants to do good and do God’s work, which is spreading that positivity. The jerk is one of those new, stupid dances, just like what the Soulja Boy “superman” was. Think he’s saying he’ll do what he wants, people shouldn’t judge him, only God can do that.

    I don’t know… I’m sure I’m missing a lot, but this is what I’ve got so far. I think that the song, especially the last few lines, really goes along with the title “Popular Demand.”
    Anyone else have anything?

  7. Just wanted to point out how the last few lines show Lu hasn't sold out. He knows where he's from (and bein a Muslim) he mentions throughout the tape that he doesn't consider himself great, nor does he consider any G.O.A.Ts because only God is great. how many times do we see an ill rapper sell out when he gets the fame?? Lu knows his roots...he ain't bout to sell out haha

  8. This Is Ah Mad F***in' Genius Double Entendres In Evry Line So Amazin Congrats Cant Wait 4 Tha Next Mixtape, Then Ur Lasers Album in 2010...I Will Be Waitin' Man

  9. Rolling Dice down the block(like down the street) = Shooting Craps.. Thats all he sayin on that on

  10. @billy the sneaker line is simply a ref to fashion those into sneaker collection will camp outside of stores and wait in line for days for some shoes

  11. I thnk tha DeLorean line goes w/tha 'tell him that the futures back'...jusa thot mayb..?

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  13. "Lines deeper than those waiting on a sneaker"

    When new limited edition Sneakers come out the lines for these sneakers tend to be very long or "deep". A shout out to Sneaker heads it seems.

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  15. lol I swear @datkid1220 is lupe playing around with us...I been reading his posts and him breaking down the song...I'm just saying.But the way you break down stuff is awesome

    but anyway @billy the last verse where he is addressing jay..I feel that he is in a discrete way coming at jay about Jay z being in Illuminati. As u remember he mentions zeitgeist in turnt up and Jay z names his clothing roc a fella/ rocawear... after Rockefeller the notorious money hungry "heir" who is involved with the world domination saga and mentioned in the movie zeitgeist. Lupe mentions the real God being by his side since birth he is not going to leave it to be signed to Roc nation because Jay z says he doesn't pray to God he prays to Gotti in the song D'Evils. Now Jay z offered Lupe a deal but a deal comes with a price...Lupe isn't willing to follow the money hungry Illuminati clan just to reach success and to have fame...he has God on his side already. On "the cool" album the song 'put you on game' is as if the Illuminati was speaking, explaining how they control the scene. Now, the song 'The coolest' ...starting at the verse "She said she would give me greatness, status, placement........" he is describing what he was offered if he had joined Illuminati and signed with Jay z and throughout song he is explaining more as well...but the part I pointed out is the most prominent part.

    ......well That is just my take on that last verse you were talking about @billy.

  16. I think this one of the best songs on the mixtape behind say something, followed up from behind by the one and national anthem

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  18. @datkid1220 lol I know...I was just playin around...but your really good at breaking down and analyzing the song. I try to do the same...I over analyze just the same... :)

  19. @datkid1220 and VirtuousA...he is a addressing him..He address him in "Hurt Me Soul"...then they address each other in "Pressure" the very next track...

  20. Did Lupe just make a Twilight reference.... I'm just achieving buzz so stay out of son/sun way like you're drinkin' blood
    This is what it feels like to be in love... mentions love right after a vampire reference. Has there been another rapper with this many double entendres. I like made man/maid man to cleaning up which still refers t both. Making a hit is referred to as cleaning up.

  21. You guys are buggin about the Illuminati stuff, stretching it kinda far lol..

    "Jay gave me a co-sign like I was RocaWear, but be clear I'm not the air (heir)
    I'm the water, fire and the earth;
    That means I'm doin' dirt, spittin' flames and quenchin' thirst,
    And plus the real God has been on my side since birth"

    'Jay co-signed me' refers to both the praises Jay has given Lupe and the production of F&L. 'Be clear I'm not the air/heir' - Reminds me of his bars in Ignorant Shit / freestyle -

    "Jay dont mind me I'm just blowing my zone up/
    Doing it about as fly as a maggot grown up/
    And still got a life that's backing the poems up/
    Just give me a folding chair I aint after the thrown but.../"

    The air part obviously refers to the next line, and so forth.

    "And plus the real God has been on my side since birth" - The reason he says 'real God' instead of just God is just another reference to Jay-Z, who is also known as J-Hova (Jehovah aka God or The Great One).

    I mean the crazy conspiracies can fly too because in the end it is all just intepretation, but lol. I always believed if you try hard enough you can make a connection between anything ;).

  22. Yeah alot of people stretch his lyrics to weird interpretations

  23. Really insignificant but Superflat is one word.

  24. "red zinga" should be "Red Zinger" it's a brand of herbal tea by Celestial Seasonings. When I was growing up, my family would drink a lot of it.

  25. @Prophonix:
    I'm just achieving buzz so stay out of son/sun way like you're drinkin' blood
    This is what it feels like to be in love"

    I think that is a Twilight reference b/c when the wolves turn into wolves it looks as if they are buzzing sorta...I peeped that on a commercial. SOO it cud be a stretch but it seems pretty dope to me so im stickin to it

  26. ha...i was about to post the "Red Zinger" thing also. Sipping some now

  27. lu is amazing..

    i wonder if we stretched some of these song too far and they still connected to the entendres...

    hahah and mabey lupe wasnt even referring to

    or mabey he wuz??..

    okay dis iz scary now..4real..wut if he wuz

  28. Lines deeper had a double meaning. It means his rhymes/verses, and then long lines like when jordans come out.

  29. Well that lupe, jay z Illuminati line was true, Building Minds faster by lupe directly refers to the Illuminati ect.... listen for yourself and plus he sprinkles zeitgeist movie in this mix-tape plus in another song he uses "i run the game ,BUILDER BURG Group", builder burg family is just like the Rockefeller family the real family who owns everything and they are some of the WEALTHIEST people on it aint a conspiracy lupe knows shits real plus hes MUSLIM he knows!!